Otis the Artist
Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe was born in Accra, the capital city of Ghana in West Africa. Growing up in Ghana by the sea gave him a tremendous love for nature and the combined everyday life of his community contributed to him becoming an artist.

Otis' interest in art was further cultivated when he decided to attend the Ghanatta College of Art & Design. In 2008 he recieved a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art. He is also a photographer and trained graphic designer, specializing in Corel Draw and Photoshop and has worked with many organizations and companies over the years.

Throughout his life, Otis has always naturally been drawn to art and photography. Fascinated by artistic images and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. The inspiration for his art comes from everyday life and his photography. He likes to use the practice of photography as a tool of communication with people. It allows a more natural environment when capturing people in their daily lives. It allows a deeper connection with them and he enjoys transferring those connections onto the canvas. "It is a collaboration between the artist and the people" he says. 

Otis was one of the few selected artists to be featured in the UNICEF ‘’Let’s Talk Shit’’ exhibition in Accra, Ghana that raised awareness on open defecating in Africa. Otis has successfully been part of numerous groups and solo exhibition both in and out of his country.

He is currently living in Portland, Oregon and a memember of the Gresham Art Committee where he continues to grow his art career. 

Selected Group Exhibitions
2018 - Gresham City Hall Art Gallery "Agony & Esctasy" Portland Oregon - USA 

2018 - Gresham Art Festival, Portland, Oregon

2018 – Gresham City Hall Art Gallery “Open Show” Portland, Oregon - USA

2018 – Gresham City Hall Art Gallery “Nuts & Bolts” Portland, Oregon - USA

2017 - Chale Wote Art Festival “Spirited Robot” James Town, Accra – Ghana.

2017 - Hos Oona Gallery ‘’Never Ending Story of African Children ‘’ Vigil Denmark. 

2016 - Alliance Francaís “Let’s talk shit” UNICEF Collective Show, Accra – Ghana.

2016 - Untamed Empire Art Gallery “Spirted Robot” Collective Show, Accra – Ghana.

2016 - Chale Wote Art Festival “Water Mata” Accra – Ghana.

2016 - African Contemporary Gallery (ACAG), Collective Show Germany

Solo Exhibitions

2017 - Accra City Hotel “Serendipity” Accra – Ghana.
2014 - Ferrie Glien, “Gate way” Pretoria South Africa. 
2015 - Golden Tulip Hotel “Habitation” Accra – Ghana.
2015 - Novotel Hotel “Circle of Life” Accra – Ghana.
      Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe